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If you or a loved one is detained in Aurora, Colorado, you need to look into the best bail bonds options in the area. When searching for a bail bondsman, you need someone who is nearby, available, reliable, and willing to work with you to make sure bail is posted as soon as possible.


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Don’t spend hours at the jail doing paperwork. You can complete all of the bail bond documents from your smartphone, tablet, or  computer in 10 minutes.

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Jail Fees: Typically Jail fees in Aurora are $50

Paperwork/Fingerprints: paperwork and fingerprints must be completed prior to the defendant’s release. We at Aurora Bail Bonds are here to help you navigate the process. 

Release Time: Once everything is done, typical release times are 1-4 hours. 


Safe and Trusted

At Aurora Bail Bonds, we’re dedicated to offering a helping hand in hard times.

We’re a 24-hour, 7 day-a-week service, and we’re located close to the Aurora jails and detention centers. Our quick, efficient team will work to get your loved one home quickly. We offer options including cash bonds and surety bonds, and we always use the easiest payment plans to ensure you can afford to release your friend or family member from jail. When you need a bail bondsman, Aurora Bail Bonds is the place to rely on.

About Aurora, Colorado

With over 300,000 residents, Aurora has the third largest population of any city in the state of Colorado.

It stretches across Arapahoe, Adams, and Douglas counties. With over 600,000 people living in the county, Arapahoe County has the third highest population in Colorado, and it is the oldest county in the state. Nearby Adams County contains over 500,000 people, making it the fifth most populated county. Adams was actually originally part of Arapahoe County until 1902 when Arapahoe County was sectioned off into smaller counties, including Adams County.

What is Bail?

Is Bail Right For You?

What Are the Options for 24-Hour Bail Bonds in Aurora, Colorado?

Has your loved one been arrested in Aurora, Colorado? If so, you should be searching for a reliable bail bonds company.

You should look for a company that offers 24-hour bail bonds in Adams County. The company should use their knowledge and experience to answer your questions, no matter what time you have them.

Online Bail Bonds

Having to do paperwork when you’re upset is no fun at all. We offer an accessible, fast, and safe online bail bonds experience.

Complete the bail bond application online in about 10 minutes from where you are using any device instead of going to the jail and spending hours in lines and doing paperwork there.

Easy and Convinient

What you need to know about the Aurora Police Department

The Aurora Detention Center is where people arrested in Aurora are generally taken.  Our Licensed Bail Bond agents are nearby 24-7, ready to post bail and get you or your loved one home as quickly. 

Aurora Police Department

Aurora Detention Center

How Bail Bonds Work In Aurora

A defendant must be fully booked with fingerprints cleared before a bond is accepted. This may take between 3-6 hours. As most bonds need to be submitted before 9:00 pm, we recommend posting the bond early to allow time for this process.

Important Links

Important Phone Numbers

Non-Emergency Help 303-739-6050
Crime Stoppers Anonymous Tips 720-913-7867 (STOP)

Important Terms

Cash Bail – Means the total bail amount must be paid in cash. It will be held until the defendant’s hearing.

Surety Bond – A bail agent with the backing of a surety company pays the total bail amount if the defendant fails to appear in court.

Release on Citation (Cite Out) – The arresting officer gives the defendant a citation informing them to appear for their hearing.

Release on Personal (Own) Recognizance (P.R.) – The accused is released without bail until the court date.

Property Bond – When a defendant posts property to the court instead of money for bail. If the defendant fails to appear for their hearing the property may be seized.​

Some Types Of Bonds We Service:

Criminal Bail Bonds

Though unusual, an office can obtain an arrest warrant if they provide a judge or magistrate information about a person that establishes probable cause

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Felony Bail Bonds

In the US, the distinction between felony and misdemeanor has to do with duration of consequences. A crime with more than one year of consequences is a felony; less than one year is a misdemeanor.

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Traffic Bail Bonds

A court can issue a warrant for unpaid traffic tickets. This is the most common type of arrest warrant. If you forget your tickets you could find yourself in jail.

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Domestic Violence Bail Bonds

Domestic violence can mean any offense committed to coerce, control, intimidate, punish, or get revenge. A roommate breaking your property as an act of retaliation can be domestic violence.

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Domestic Violence Bail Bonds

A person who knows that they have a warrant out in their name is in good shape. They can arrange for a bond before they get arrested. Once the bond is approved they can turn themselves in and know they will be released without spending time in jail. They won’t risk being arrested in front of people they know.

DUI Bail Bonds

There are three categories of impaired driving in Colorado:

DUI: “Driving under the influence.” This applies to alcohol, drugs or a combination of both.
DWAI: “Driving while ability impaired.” This also applies to drugs, alcohol or a combination of both.
DUI per se: Driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08% or more.

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Drug paraphernalia Bail Bonds

“Drug paraphernalia”:

any things made or altered for creating, using, or concealing drugs, usually for recreational uses.

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Misdemeanor Bail Bonds


Misdemeanors are less severe crimes and don’t often result in time behind bars.

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